first meeting

Jessica Auer (CA)
Markéta Hlinovská (CZ)

On view 16.02.2017 ― 24.03.2017

Jessica Auer is a documentary-style landscape photographer from Montreal. Drawing inspiration from history and archeology, her work is largely concerned with the study of cultural sites. From the beaten track to the frontier, Auer explores places where history and mythology are woven into the landscape, and where contemporary landscape issues emerge. Taking on the role of observer-participant, her photographs present narratives that incite the viewer to engage with place using their imagination, as well as look at the practice of sightseeing from a critical perspective. Auer graduated from Concordia University in Montreal where she got a master in Fine Arts. She presented her work in places both Canada and the United States, such as Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, Oregon), Canadian Architectural Center (Montreal, Canada), or the VU Photo (Québec, Canada). She won the W.B. Bruce European Fine Art Scholarship award and she participated to the Studio-Residence program offered by the CALQ at the Banff Center in Alberta Canada. Jessica Auer is the co-founder of Galerie LEs Territoires in Montreal and teaches the art of photograph at her alma mater.

In her work, Markéta Hlinovská pushes the borders of classical drawing to the space of contemporary media of visual arts. Her graphic thinking manifests itself in the form of black drawings on paper as same as carved foils installed in the interior. She does environments in which she puts the animals into a dialogue with the surroundings – architecture, the new monumental dimensions of content and storylines are created, as though flipped universes, where their freak of unreality is often reflected at the second glance. Abstract drawing creates a space for specific drawings of animals. Visually subtle manipulation – change may become radical and create different information in content.

Jessica Auer, "Neon, January 12th"

Jessica Auer, "Car, January 12th"

Jessica Auer, "Strandarfjall, January 19th"

Markéta Hlinovská, "Albrecht" (2017) ink on paper, 38x66cm

first meeting (installation view)

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