Petra Malá Miller (CZ)
David Miller (CA)

On view 06.05.2016 ― 17.06.2016

David Miller presents three large format photographs from his body of work called, Double Fantasy. Made without the use of a camera, Miller’s radiant, nuanced colour photographs register the action of light upon a light sensitive surface. His works recall both the early modern avant-garde’s camera less experiments and late modernist abstract painting. The analog and digital
coalesce at infinity inside Miller’s homage to cultural icons Yoko Ono and John Lennon who issued an album with which the artist used to make these photograms.

Petra Malá Miller presents three photographic works, examples of the artists’ celebrated portraits that explore her family, community and generational change:
Portrait with Protective Facemask, Portrait of My Father After His Diagnosis and Puberty are photographic pairs that poetically transform the artists’ private experience into evocative cultural archetypes and ultimately, as resplendent metaphor.

David Miller was born in Montréal; Petra Malá Miller was born in Czechoslovakia. Currently, the artist-couple live and work in Fredericton.

Petra Malá Miller, "Portrait with Protective Facemask" (2011)

David Miller, "Double Fantasy" (2012)

Couples, 2016 (installation view) 

Couples, 2016 (installation view) 

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